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About us

Our Experienced Team is Glad to Assist. We offer you an all-round service and serve as your personal consultant regarding trips to the Wild East. Through our established and diverse network, we are able to provide you products of the highest quality and unique experiences throughout the entire country.

Frankenland Czech Travel Group was founded as Frankenland s.r.o. in 2007. The aim was to serve as a local consultant and purchasing agent for the mother company Frankenland Reisen from Burgreppach, Germany, in order to provide our clients with superior trip quality and programme diversification.

The brand Frankenland Travel was founded in June 2018 in the wake of internal restructuring efforts. This was accompanied by a complete rebranding of the Czech Frankenland s.r.o. in order to reflect our young and modern company profile. Today, Frankenland Czech Travel Group is your trusted partner for all requests and wishes.