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General Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are recognized by Frankenland s.r.o. company's customer, without any exception, at the time of signing the confirmation of the scope of service, or an order.

1. Registration and Confirmation
All Frankenland s.r.o. company's offers within these business relationships are free of charge, non-binding and voluntary. All prices are mentioned for a person and night (unless otherwise expressly confirmed in writing). Until the commencement of the provision of services, we reserve the right to correct spelling, printing and arithmetical mistakes.

2. Payments
Unless other terms and conditions are agreed in writing, the following arrangements apply: An advance payment of 80% of the invoiced amount must be delivered to Frankenland s.r.o. company's account without any notice 14 days before the commencement of the tour. Travel documents (voucher, etc.) will only be sent after crediting the advance payment to the account. The remaining amount is payable once the final invoice is received.

3. Performance and prices
3.1. The scope of contractual services follows from the description of services contained in the respective offer, from the general information in our price list and from the relevant data contained in the confirmation of the scope of services.
3.2. We assure you of our efforts to accommodate you in the booked hotel or in a hotel of a confirmed category. However, due to the special circumstances in the Czech Republic or the Slovak Republic, accommodation in hotels of the same level or, if necessary, in several hotels of the same category is considered to be Frankenland s.r.o. company's services in accordance with the contract. There is no entitlement to damages, for example, due to a bus transfer from a hotel to another hotel. Participants to the tour must be notified of this situation before their booking.

4. Changes in performance and price changes
4.1. The deviations of the individual contractual services from the agreed terms of the contract that occur after the conclusion of the contract and which were not caused by Frankenland s.r.o. company to the best of its knowledge and conscience are permitted unless the deviations are substantial and do not threaten the overall nature of the booked tour.
4.2. Any claims resulting from the warranty benefit remain unaffected if the changed services are defective. Frankenland s.r.o. company will promptly inform the contractual partner of changes in services or deviations, or a free change of reservation or free cancellation of the contract may occur.
4.3. If the tour time was negotiated by entering into a contract more than 4 months ago, Frankenland s.r.o. company is entitled to raise the price if such an increase is based on circumstances that occurred only after the conclusion of the contract and if these changes could not be foreseen. The price increase must be within the changed circumstances. If officially determined transport tariffs, taxes or fees are changed, the price can be adjusted at any time. If the agreed price is increased by more than 5%, the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without paying any payment. Withdrawal from the contract must be notified to Frankenland s.r.o. company without delay and in writing.

5. Obligations of Frankenland s.r.o. company
Frankenland s.r.o. company acts exclusively as a broker in relation to legal entities that organize tours and undertakes to perform brokerage services with the care of a proper trader. Brokered travel services comply with the local habits of the respective destination. If there are any deficiencies in the performance of services, Frankenland s.r.o. company is required to resolve these deficiencies in the service business at the provider of services. In the event of unreasonable costs, Frankenland s.r.o. company is entitled to impose such an impact on the service provider depending on the share of the cost of the customer up to 1/2 of the costs incurred,

6. Withdrawal of Frankenland s.r.o. company from the contract
Frankenland s.r.o. company has also the right to withdraw from the contract
6.1. without complying with the deadline if the contractual partner fails to meet its payment obligations in the course of existing business relationships in time, or if it fails to meet the agreed contractual terms.
6.2. without a time limit meeting in cases of force majeure, strikes, riots, natural disasters, epidemics, sovereign regulations or major political changes. If applicable, the advance payments will be refunded by Frankenland s.r.o. company.

7. Withdrawal of a customer from the contract
7.1. The Customer may withdraw from the contract by his written declaration at any time prior to the commencement of the tour. The delivery a withdrawal notification to Frankenland s.r.o. company is decisive.
7.2. Changes of reservations are considered to be a withdrawal from the contract with the following new registration.
7.3. If a withdrawal notice is delivered to Frankenland s.r.o. company later than 30 days before the commencement of the tour, a lump sum compensation of damage in the sum of 15% of the value of the order will be charged as a processing fee.
The Customer has the right to show that the damage is lower. Higher damages for an empty bed, phone costs, telefax, telex, etc. remain to be expressly reserved.

8. Obligation to cooperate
In the event of a defective performance of services, the Customer is obliged to cooperate within the framework of the statutory provisions in order to avoid possible damage or to minimize any potential damage. In particular, the Customer is obliged to immediately notify his / her complaints to the local tour manager. This local tour manager is obliged to ensure the remedy, if it is possible. If the Customer is responsible for failing to report a defect, the claim for a reduction of price or for damages terminates.

9. General provisions
Secondary oral agreements are invalid. Only agreements confirmed in writing are valid. Corrections of printing and arithmetical mistakes remain to be reserved. Postal risk is borne by the Customer.

Changes to the plan are reserved. Prices for hotels and additional services are valid for the situation in July 2014.

Changes are reserved.

10. The local jurisdiction of the court and the place of performance
These General Terms and Conditions are regulated by the Czech law. The relevant Czech courts having local  and subject-matter jurisdiction are competent to deal with all arisen disputes.

State as of 30.06.2014. Mistakes and changes are reserved.